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ughhh school

so there are still a few assignments I have been putting off that are going to be due today and monday. @___@ even though I’m pushing it for one of my deadlines, I have actually been really proactive this semester. I’ve been slowly working on all that I need to do instead of tackling it down all at once.

I do have to say though…I really wish I could have a break. I never got to have a summer. I’m actually thinking of taking next semester off. Or at least only doing like an art class…something that I want to do. 

On another note, I’ve started drawing again! Yay!! I finally have enough free time to pick it back up again. So my sister and I are working really hard to get our stuff together to finally open up shop (though maybe I’m going a little off course with the things I’ve been drawing)


Hey everyone!

As you may have noticed, I post a lot of t-shirt designs for a company called i actually work for them and that’s why i post so many.

Anyway, it’s a small company based in Philadelphia that started up in this past year. It’s goal is to support artists who join by giving them a large profit of each sale they make. $5.00 per shirt to be exact. And of course it is free to join.

Our shirts are super comfortable, great quality, and digitally printed. I will say, I didn’t know there was such a thing as a quality fabric t-shirt until I put one on. 

One of our priorities right now is to bring on more talent. If you are interested stop on over to the website and click “Join”. Another important thing right now is feedback and help spreading the word about Inkster. We would love to hear from you folks about your thoughts on anything involving the company and how we can improve. I encourage you to message me with feedback! 

Thanks for reading from me and the inkster team! 




SO a lot of people are unaware of this beauty. 

This is a fan made Orgel with a screen instead of plastic wind up. Comes with a charger to keep it bright and beautiful. Plays Moonlight densetsu of course and background also changes color.

It is a little pricey, but I believe its worth it.

You can buy it HERE:

You will need a deputy service if you plan of buying this because it will be coming from China. 

Got my mandarake order today! Yay!! I had been obsessing over the your world’s end doujin by prinz yori and now it is safe in my hands! I definitely had a little freak out when I first took it out of the package and thought there was glue all over the cover (the spotted part of the cover is risen and clear) 

Ugh, Textbooks

mannnn so I ordered my books via bookstore and have to wait for an email saying its clear for me to go up there and get my books. But idk I am losing my patience and want to just go up there bc both of the teachers I have are really strict and need the book NOW and its like FUCK calm down there are only so many books we can get and some of us got it from the school. Like one of my teachers is giving us a big FUCK You cause we should have ordered from the link he provided and gotten a huge discount from the online publishers. WTF he should have sent an email out before classes started so that we would have known and bought that instead 

I just feel stressed out because I want to get my work done…prolly going to go up there before it closes today and hopefully get the books. I haven’t had good experience w the bookstore, only ordered through them bc my books weren’t on amazon 

but i wouldn’t be surprised if I went up there and they were sold out. Last time they cancelled my order w/o telling me 

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